The foundation’s objectives

The foundation fosters and supports the design, implementation, maintenance, and free dissemination of high-quality, high-performance open-source scientific software for ab-initio quantum numerical modeling of materials. This will be done by:

  • Coordinating and supporting research within the Quantum ESPRESSO developer community, to enhance the scope and performance of the Quantum ESPRESSO software;
  • Helping the Quantum ESPRESSO users’ and developers’ communities to flourish;
  • Holding and managing the copyright of the Quantum ESPRESSO software and documentation, as well as protecting its open-source character and free distribution;
  • Promoting education and advanced training in the quantum simulation of materials. Courses, lectures, and workshops based on the use of the Quantum ESPRESSO software are organized and sponsored worldwide, with particular attention to developing countries.
  • Acting as the official voice of the Quantum ESPRESSO project. The foundation represents the Quantum ESPRESSO users’ and developers’ communities at scientific meetings, and provides means to communicate with the press, with academic/non-academic institutions, and with non-commercial/commercial organizations interested in the Quantum ESPRESSO project and software.

Representative members

sissa SISSA (Stefano Baroni)
ictp ICTP (Sandro Scandolo)
epfl EPFL (Nicola Marzari)
oden Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (Feliciano Giustino)
unt University of North Texas (Marco Buongiorno Nardelli)
CINECA (Fabio Affinito)